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My pumpkins this Halloween

This is one of the best holiday for us gourd lovers! I have some pictures to share of the neat pumpkins I made this year into jack-o-lanterns.

This is my budgie pumpkin. I drew it and carved it myself. I don't think I'm very good at carving so I'm happy with how all these turned out. The rest behind the cut

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My pumpkins

These are the pumpkins I bought for this year. I'm very happy with them and the many varieties that I got. The one in the very back and the one that has netting on it in the front are called One Too Many. I got one Goose Neck Gourd. A green Jamboree pumpkin. A bunch of Little Iron Sides. A huge blue Hubbard in the back, a big red hubbard. One normal Jack-o-Lantern and the others I don't know what they are. Some will be used in pies, others carved and othes left as is for decorating.

Does anyone have any good easy recipes they could post here for me? I'm a lousy cook so they need to be simple with easy to obtain ingredients. I'd like to make soups or something else. I prefer savory over sweet.


Reminder: Halloween Postcard Exchange

As featured in a past post, here's a reminder for those who would like to participate to the Halloween Postcard Exchange: you have one day left to send me a message via livejournal containing your mailing info.

On October 8th I will send the list of all participants to members who wish to swap postcards.

And just for fun, here's one of the postcard I did for the exchange. :)


The Halloween Postcard Exchange!


The steps and rules are simple :

1) Message happy_skeleton with your mailing info before october 7th.

2) Make or buy the halloween postcards you wish to send to other members. You can use artwork, photography, poetry, anything you’d like, to make your postcard, as long as it is related to Halloween or Autumn.

3) Receive a list of all participating members’ mailing info and choose how many postcards you wish to send and to whom.

4) Send your postcards by October 20th so that everyone receives theirs before Halloween!

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Yankee Candle trip...

Went to the local Yankee Candle outlet today to score some candles. The outlet also had lip balm, one flavor which was Spiced Pumpkin. It's fucking awesome. :)

I wanna eat it. ;)